Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mugabe; the Pan-African leader!

Why Africans will support him?!

I remember when London’s "The Daily Telegraph" criticised the Zimbabwean president "Robert Mugabe" for comparing himself to Hitler, mentioning that: "This Hitler has only one objective: justice for his people, sovereignty for his people, recognition of the independence of his people and their rights over their resources. If that is Hitler, then let me be a Hitler tenfold."

If Mugabe believes that Hitler was seeking Justice, sovereignty, and independence for his people; so what is the world waiting for?!

In my previous article about Mugabe’s speech on Biofuels, i saw that he might have a futuristic view for agreeing on the use of biofuels to fight against global warming which is considered as a major cause for the global food crisis.

But that does not mean at all a control of the distribution of food within his people to fight against "the Movement for Democratic Change" opposition party, or even a fight against any enemy!

Human rights watch has published yesterday a new report about the Zimbabwean’s regime violence, not only against the MDC, but also against normal citizens.

It explains that the Zimbabwean government’s campaign of violence MDC has extinguished any chance of a free and fair presidential runoff on June 27, 2008. Human Rights Watch has confirmed at least 36 politically motivated deaths and 2,000 victims of violence using armed forces, police, war veterans, and youth miltia. This led the citizens to fear from voting for either the MDC or Mugabe’s government, or they might be killed or at least get beaten from one of them.

In my view, this will create a new spiral of silence. Normally any spiral of silence exists within a minority in a society. But in Zimbabwe’s case, it exists within a large scale that could be considered as a majority.

During elections, it is very important to vote for a specific candidate, because silence will give this candidate the opportunity to fake the election in order to win the election with a fake power.

This is the real Zimbabwean problem now.

Years ago, Western governments have condemned Mugabe’s government, and the American president George W. Bush has freezed Mugabe’s assets and warned Americans from engaging in any transactions or dealing with him and other hight-ranked Zimbabwean politicians; explaining that "the situation in Zimbabwe endangers the southern African region and threatens to undermine efforts to foster good governance and respect for the rule of law throughout the continent."

Then after the Zimbabwe’s 2002 election, the Eurpean Union, and the United states have banned Mugabe and other 94 members of his government from travelling to Europe or the United states. Yes this ban did not include visiting the UN events within European and American borders, but at least a global serious action was taken against him. That’s because he has worked to undermine democracy in Zimbabwe and has restricted freedom of the press.

that’s why it seems that there is no hope from the African leaders side, as they threatened to boycott the last FAO summit if Mugabe were blacklisted, because they see him as a true Pan-Africanist and a dedicated anti-imperialist who stands strong against forces of imperialism in Africa.

Probable emergence of Liberalism:

Any dictator does the same as Mugabe does now; because he fears of being accused for crimes against humanity in an international court, so they do anything to stay in the presidency untill death to escape from any try for a powerfull feedback from the victims.

So, i can see that all this could lead to the emergence of a new generation of Zimbabwean liberals that dont belong to any existing political movement or party. It even will be hard for them to form such political movement, but they will create a new era of African citizen liberal journalists.

Those liberals will be faught a lot by the government while trying to eliminate the spiral of silence, but they will be supported by the United States, and the European Union. They will help them to put Mugabe in the negative historican place place where his model "Hitler" exists.

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