Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Some Americans are worried about Obama!

Black and Adults fear about their candidate’s safety.

A new survey study by Gallup shows that 57% of black Americans believe that senator Barack Obama faces greater security risks than other candidates who have run for presidency in recent years, while the majority of whites think he is not at greater risk of being harmed.

Only 16% of black and 7% of whites, said that "They are very worried" about Obama’s safety. Among them, 15% of blacks and 3% of whites wanted to be given a chance to advise Obama, they would have urged him not to run because of it.

Also 53% of young adults say Obama is at greater risk, compared with 39% of those 30 and older.


42% of blacks and 25% of whites believe that Obama’s race is the reason behind this fear, while 6% of blacks and 5% believe that he is in great jeopardy because of his charisma. And only 6% and 4% believe that both are equally important.

It is well known that in May 2007, the secret service announced that Obama has been placed under its protection even a year before any other candidate recieve the same level of security; while Obama himself said: "I face the same security issues as anybody." which can lead to a confusion about his safety.

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